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Eye Media's WebInterprise Content Management System bridges the gap between all the traditional categories of CMS, Document Management Systems, Document Workflow, Information Warehouse, and Knowledge Management Systems.

WebInterprise combines the most valuable features of all these systems in a single environment but without the massive timescales and budgets required.

  • From a Document Management Perspective, WebInterprise can manage the creation, document history & audit, drafting, storage and version control of your information assets.
  • From a CMS perspective, WebInterprise has all the features of distributed authoring of content by people across your organisation. It also manages publishing to multiple Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Mobile and Social Networking sites from a single easy to use Web-based interface.
  • From a Document Workflow perspective, WebInterprise allows you to easily create unlimited business rules and automated workflow processes, from the most simple to the most complex, for every type of document or information asset in your organisation.
  • From an Information Warehouse perspective, WebInterprise can store, link to, or integrate into any open source or proprietary information or data store across your organisation and re-present them in a attractive and intuitive interface to all your internal and external audiences.
  • From a Knowledge Management perspective, WebInterprise provides access controls, personalisation, collaboration and knowledge retention as well as information retrieval and storage.

WebInterprise delivers benefits that even dedicated applications for each individual task combined could not provide, such as total flexibility on the design of your website or user interface, and the ability to control and manage design and functionality as easily as editing content documents.

WebInterprise Content Management System Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide below takes you to a PDF document with the basics to create, edit and publish documents in WebInterprise and is available free of charge.

WebInterprise CMS Online University

Eye Media Australia also provides extensive self-paced online learning courses to advanced WebInterprise functions such as workflow creation and management, listings & special publishing areas, advanced page layout, multimedia and hundreds of other functions. These elearning courses can be referred to any time as a reference source of information. You can also complete the various tests and receive a printable results certificate with your test scores.

If you are registered to access these online courses, simply select them from the courses below. If you cannot access these, you do not have a valid WebInterprise University subscription. Please contact Eye Media for subscription details.

Webinterprise Quick Start

Use this link to download the free WebInterprise CMS PDF Quick Start Guide to learn the basics to create, edit and publish content to your websites.

eLearning Essentials Help

The eLearning Essentials Help course introduces you to the key elements you will need to know when creating an eLearning course

Content Essentials Help

The Content Essentials Help course teaches you the how to use the WebInterprise CMS to manage your website.

WebInterprise LinkChecker

Watch this video for easy instructions on how the WebInterprise LinkChecker can fix any broken links on your websites, including pages, graphics, files and links to external pages.